High Paying Affiliate Programs

There is a lot to be said about high paying affiliate programs and their potential.

Being an affiliate for these high paying affiliate programs can be lucrative (especially for your financials).

First, let’s talk about what high paying affiliate programs are and why every internet marketer or any kind of marketer should at least have one income stream dedicated to really high paying affiliate programs out there.

Just in case you weren’t familiar with high ticket affiliate programs – simply put, high ticket is better than most other forms of affiliate marketing because it pays more for the same amount of time and effort involved that you’d otherwise take and market (like a $20 dollar product).

It might shock you that it’s far easier to sell a $20,000 program than a $20 product. Smaller investments typically give your prospects a different mindset, when it’s a high ticket program, they usually think of it as an investment rather than just a cost to experiment.

This is how all successful six, seven, or even eight-figure earners operate. They understand that you need to leverage your time better to get the higher income brackets.

And one of the easiest ways to do that is just to either charge  more for your own products or services. Or maybe as an affiliate, you can promote much, much higher end products that will enable you to earn higher commissions.

You can earn $1,000 from 1 sale or you can make 20 sales for $50 each. Hopefully you can guess which one is harder to do.

To somebody who’s not familiar with this type of marketing, it sounds just so impossible to do. Your mind just can’t comprehend how you can earn $1,000 / $3,000 in a day but the truth is, it’s very possible.

Top paying affiliate programs / Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List

Digital Altitude

A digital franchise-like business system where you’re licensed and basically selling an internet marketing college or online business college, teaching anybody how to start their own online business.
The payouts range from $37 -$16,500 per sale.
You actually don’t do any of the selling with Digital Altitude. Their whole system does it for you. They have professional coaches and sales people to take care of the leads you send to them.

Other top paying affiliate programs / Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List:

Regal Assets

This is a gold investment company.

They have multiple levels of payouts:
– 1% for every investment that’s $10,000 or below.
– 2% for investments between $10,000 – $20,000.
– 3% on investments of $30,000 and above.

These are incredible because their average investments are between $20,000 – $80,000.

A fair warning is that it’s quite difficult to get them to accept your applications let alone get them to communicate with you. It is suggested that you establish a website dedicated for gold investments prior to sending in your application to increase your chance of getting accepted.


Amongst the other top paying affiliate programs out there is PeerFly. This is a per per lead program where you’re getting paid $320 per lead. No sale, just a lead.

It is not hard to get accepted to PeerFly.


And yet another investment type of affiliate program, things like Forex, Binary Trading, etc.

ColmexPro is a very reputable network in the investment niche.

Boat Bookings

This affiliate program is crazy. Boat bookings is a yacht booking type of affiliate program and their payouts are absolutely ridiculous.

They have a 20% payout on their base rate that increase based on the amount of client/leads that you bring them.


Be an affiliate for resorts, travel, vacations.

They have a pretty crazy EPC of $137.99. What can be said about that other than WOW, right?

Africa Point

This is in another travel niche and you can earn up to $350 per sale.

Tour Radar

You could earn up to 50% commission (another tour niche).

Luxury Travel Cruises

They guarantee that you’ll earn 25% more than any other luxury cruise program that you’re promoting.

When you see some of their cruises, you could actually see why that is the case.


An incredible way to make money online using e-Commerce.

What most people don’t realize is that you can just refer people to the Shopify to create their accounts and you can get paid up to $1,500 per person that joins and opens up their own Shopify stores.

LinkShare – The Watchery

If you were into marketing watches then this might be for you. You can leverage Instagram to market those watches.

National Debt Relief Program

Get paid $27 per qualified free debt relief quote request.


Earn $175/sale on average. Up to $358/sale on mattresses.

Massage Chair

You can earn up to $400 per massage chair sold.

And that concludes all the different top paying affiliate programs and the highest paying affiliate programs list out there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short report on high ticket niches and start promoting them and making fat commissions!
Remember it takes as much effort to promote a high ticket item as it does a $7 e-book so why waste your time making small commission payouts when you can make them in the hundreds of thousands of dollars instead.

To your success,

Jan – Money and Business Online – Top Paying Affiliate Programs / Highest Paying Affiliate Programs List

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