Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about a recent course development that just might fit the criteria as being one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

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In these trying economic times, more and more people are turning to “Internet marketing” each day as a means of supplementing their income.

Home based businesses are becoming more and more commonplace all around the world.

Unfortunately many of these entrepreneurs fail. Here’s why, in many respects the very definition of “Internet marketing” can preclude you from achieving success.

Just marketing a product and raising awareness doesn’t make you money, SELLING that product over and over again does. The key here is to SELL, and there are four fundamental skills needed.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners Fundamental #1:

List Building”

Everything, and I sincerely mean EVERYTHING you do online should be geared towards growing your subscriber list. Your members are the “lifeblood” of your Internet business.

Your subscribers and followers become your customers but more importantly, they also become your biggest asset in the acquisition of more members and followers.

Growing a strong and responsive subscriber list should be your main goal from day one.

Over the long term, absolutely nothing is more important than this.

When you build a strong list the money follows but if you only chase quick money, you’ll create a frustrating and time consuming business that might break even at best.

There are many ways to build a subscriber list and there are many different types of subscribers. The most valuable subscribers are naturally those that have made a purchase from you.

In the beginning however, it’s important to just get followers that are interested in what you have to say, then through the process of relationship building we will convert those interested followers into subscribers and eventually paying customers.

For the most part, your subscribers will be on several of your lists. You see, when a marketer refers to his or her “list” they’re actually referring to the sum of multiple lists comprised from multiple sources.

Interested followers can be aggregated in a number of ways and in a number of places by way of an “ethical bribe.” An ethical bribe is what we call the exchange of VALUE for contact details.

Ideally, you first want to create a “following” by sharing content, insights, opinions, advice, basically by putting out “feelers”. Feelers are bits of material that you use to attract potential prospects.

This can be done through posting information of interest on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others.

Advanced list builders even run paid ads for mass exposure to their social media posts so they can get a lot of eyeballs on them. The more you share, the more eyeballs and followers you’ll get.
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This is how you begin to build an audience. Once you have an audience you can offer an ethical bribe to them as a way to start growing your subscriber list.

An ethical bribe can be anything that the user perceives as valuable. You waive the cost of this item in exchange for the prospects name and email address.

Those names and emails that you collect will make up your subscriber list. By communicating with these people via email over time, you will convert some of them into buyers.

When they make a purchase they are now on your buyers list. (you’ll learn how to move prospects from one list to another inside the IM Clinic course).

Some people however, will go right ahead and make a purchase without ever even being on your subscriber list. (You’ll see that happen more and more as you increase your branding and social presence.)

As you repeat this process over and over with multiple products in multiple niches and sub-niches, over time, you will have built many lists. The sum of which you can promote affiliate products to and make money on command.

To physically build a list of subscribers you’ll need a couple of things. One is an autoresponder service (database) to store the emails in and another is what we call a “squeeze page”. This is basically a simple “mini website” specifically designed to capture the visitor’s name and email address by way of a web-form.

A web-form is just a name & email field with a submit button that empowers you to store the visitors information in a database for future use.

There are many types of squeeze page designs and webform styles. Some work better than others.

Once the contact details are in your database you can bulk mail your subscribers to stay in touch with them. As your list grows, you can monetize it by emailing promotional offers for either your own products or affiliate products on which you’ll collect a commission if the subscriber makes a purchase.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners Fundamental #2: “Driving Traffic”

Now that you know that list building should be your number one goal as you build your internet business, I will clue you in on a little secret. The better you are at driving traffic, the bigger your list will be.

The sooner you start driving traffic to your squeeze pages and your websites the more profitable you will be. No matter how good your product is, no matter how pretty your squeeze page looks, no matter how enticing your ethical bribe is, it will all mean nothing unless you can get hordes of human eyeballs to see it.

So what is traffic? There are several different types. Traffic is what we call the flow of website visitors that you get on a daily basis. The more targeted the traffic, the more successful the website will be.

Targeted traffic means that the prospect arrives at your site already having a keen interest in the subject matter. Therefore, they are predisposed to taking action on your page.

In my experience, there is no facet of internet marketing that people struggle with more, than traffic. The reason for this is very simple, they create a product first and then they look for the traffic later. That is the biggest and costliest error that I made in the first 18 months of building my business.

As I’m presenting the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, I realize that to be truly successful, you must FIND THE TRAFFIC FIRST and then create a product that they can use.

If you do it this way, you will never struggle to get visitors to your websites because all of your websites offer products that are in demand for the audience that you created in advance.

Let’s say you have a killer recipe for BBQ Sauce and you want to open your own BBQ
restaurant but you’re on a limited budget. You know your restaurant’s success depends on foot traffic and visibility after all you’ve heard it said many times before in retail… “Location, Location, Location” so you are faced with a tough decision to make. “Do I pay top dollar for prime commercial real estate in a highly trafficked mall or do I save money by putting my restaurant in an obscure part of town with low rent?”

Even though the initial investment is higher, the mall location will produce a profit faster while the obscure location won’t even cover the low rent. In the obscure location you would have to actually create the traffic by paying for advertising while the prime location will have inherent or what we like to refer to as “organic” traffic. This is what driving web-traffic is all about.

It makes absolutely no difference how good your product is if no one can find it on the Internet.

You have to identify existing flows of traffic online before you set out to sell a product. It is much easier to create a product for the traffic than it is to create traffic for a product.

There are a great number of places online where people with common interests congregate.

Those are your traffic pockets. You need to place traffic signals there which direct the surfers back to your websites. This can be done in a multitude of ways but generally speaking, traffic is something you will either BUY, BORROW or CREATE.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners Fundamental #3: “Conversions”

Okay, so now you’ve gotten some customers to your BBQ restaurant where they can buy your delicious home cooked secret recipe for Chicken & Ribs… but will they? Will they actually buy?

How does your restaurant look? Is it clean and tidy? Do you have nice furniture and an attractive menu? Are you fairly priced? What kind of specials do you offer? Do you have a punch card that can earn me a free meal after a certain amount of purchases?

What are you actually doing to convert your visitor into a REPEAT buyer? That process is called “conversion.” The way you structure your website from, graphics & sales copy to offer and guarantee will all determine whether or not your visitor actually buys from you.

In a nutshell, conversions mean to take a visitor and “convert” him into a buyer. We do this by focusing on the structure, layout and function of our website. Just like a grocery store is designed to make visitors buy as much as possible, so should your website.

From the moment you walk into a grocery store everything is strategically positioned to increase the likelihood that you will end up going home with more than you came to buy.

That’s why the most commonly purchased items are all the way in the back of the store and the most commonly traveled aisles, contain the most eye catching specials and your website is no different.

Online business owners are constantly working to increase conversions on their websites. We constantly monitor our website’s performance to predict the average visitor’s behavior on our website.
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This information helps us to modify the site to maximize conversion. We optimize our websites by testing certain components and then analyzing changes in the website’s statistics and metrics. Click stats are provided by the affiliate network, in our case this is typically JVZoo.

The key here is to monitor your site metrics, impressions vs. clicks in comparison to sales.

Acknowledge trends and then tweak the site components by “Split Testing” different site parameters.

Split testing can be done with special software or it can be done manually by monitoring the site statistics daily and making subtle changes to see how they affect conversions.

Perhaps your background color is too bright, or your headline font is too big. Maybe your guarantee is not in a prominent location on the page. It could be any number of changes that improve a sites conversions.

The key here is to test, test, and retest. Once you’ve arrived at a high converting formula stick with it and repeat the process.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners Fundamental #4: “Duplication

This is arguably the most important fundamental of the four, “Duplication.”

If you want what a man has, model what that man does. Contrary to what you may believe, one of the biggest reasons that Newbies fail on-line is NOT lack of direction.

It’s actually “too much direction” or should I say too many directions (plural).

The average newbie opportunity seeker subscribes to several Internet marketer’s lists and begins acquiring just about every product that appears to promise instant riches.

The problem is that different marketers have different marketing angles and strategies which pull the newbie into a frenzy of information overload. This in turn causes multiple info products to accumulate on their hard drive until the tasks at hand become insurmountable and they just throw in the towel.

The key to avoiding information overload is quite simple, Go on a “Low Information Diet” by choosing a mentor that you like and relate to. Do some research and once you’ve decided on who you will follow, duplicate their success step by step

Once you begin to see positive results, just duplicate YOURSELF to increase your results.

This process of duplication is a sure fire way to avoid the snags and pitfalls of newbie marketing. You shouldn’t try and reinvent the wheel. Instead, follow the path that other successful marketers have already paved, particularly in the beginning.

Duplicate your mentor, then duplicate yourself. Duplication is more than just finding a mentor to model. Duplication is very important for the long term survival of your business.

You should not only be able to duplicate what someone ELSE has done, but you should be able to duplicate what you’ve done. This is called “scaling” and this is the way we grow our businesses.

The easiest way to mess up the duplication process is to create products and websites that are not scalable.

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You should be able to handle one thousand orders with just about the same ease and flexibility as it takes to handle one order. If not, you’re just trading your time for money and you’ve created another job for yourself.

If you create a website, for example, that sells a $50 product but that product is a physical product that you have to make yourself and manually ship to the customer, you may be able to handle a couple of orders per day or per week, but what happens when the business grows to the point when you can’t handle the orders yourself anymore? You might say, “well, that’s easy I’ll just hire someone.”

Unfortunately, that is a critical growing stage of any business and the moment you hire staff the profitability goes down.

Physical businesses that require your personal fulfillment can be very difficult to scale. Especially if the product you are producing comes from a personal skill or talent.

Even if that one shipping business is scalable, how many times over can you duplicate it?

Can you have two or three websites offering similar products when each of them demand your personal time and the time of your staff?

There’s a finite number of hours in the day and any business that depends on exchanging time for money will eventually discover they have a finite amount of money.

I hear this complaint all the time from people that offer online services like, SEO, Social Media Management and lead acquisition for offline clients. The demand of time to service each client increases while the ability to take on new clients does not. This can create a very stressful and non scalable situation.

By creating websites and digital products that bring money in on autopilot, your business becomes duplicatable and easier to scale up. This is how you can develop multiple income streams by making multiple websites which each bring in a little bit of money like your first one.

If the income on one fluctuates, it can be compensated by another stream. Hence, duplication is extremely important and is made up of two parts. First, seek to duplicate a successful marketer and a successful process. Second, once you’ve done that, duplicate yourself over and over again.

And that concludes the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners’ fundamental components to a solid online business!

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

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The session recordings are available in the members area along with PDF transcripts and other accompanying material within 24 hours of each live class. Each module includes additional study material including slides and checklists.

best affiliate marketing programs for beginners

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