Amazon Affiliate Program Review – Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth it?

In this Amazon affiliate program review, you will learn 12 Pros & Cons of being an affiliate for Amazon.

Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It?

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Affiliates who participate in the Amazon Associates program can promote any page or product they find on Amazon and can earn affiliate revenue for it. Amazon Associates is very simple and requires no input from merchants.

Being an affiliate is a great way to make money on Amazon without needing to sell your own product.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review – “is Amazon affiliate program worth it?”

Amazon is known as one of the best affiliate program as it’s easy to learn and set up.

If you’re just starting out and looking for an easy way to monetize your blog, then Amazon affiliate program is probably the easiest to get started with.

To begin, all you need to do is sign-up for the Amazon affiliate program. Once done, you will have full access to linking tools, banners, advertising codes, reports and anything else you need to start making money online.

You will be reviewed upon your first sale. Make sure that everything is done according to their guidelines and procedures.

If you happen to not make a sale within the first 90 days then your account will automatically be rejected. Therefore, make sure that you make that first sale within the first 90 days.

If you’re an international affiliate, then your choice for getting paid is very limited. In fact, you only have two official choices.

  1. Get paid via check.
  2. Get paid via Amazon giftcard.

With that said, there’s another way of which international affiliates can get paid and that is via direct deposit.

There are thousands and thousands of products on Amazon that you’re able to promote.

If you’re unable to find an independent affiliate program that you want to promote, Amazon is a great way to fill that gap. 

Amazon Affiliate Program Review – “Is Amazon Affiliate Program Worth It?”

The commission rate is likely to be a bit lower than an independent affiliate program but you’re at least able to monetize whatever you want to promote.

It’s important to note that commission rates do vary between different types of products. The majority of the products you sell will have a commission rate based on the amount of product you’ve previously sold in that month.

For example, if you only sell 6 products in the month then you will only get 4.00% commission. This commission rate increases incrementally based on the volume you sell with the maximum being 8.50%.

On the flip side, some products could give you a flat-rate commission regardless of how many product you have sold. Electronics is an example of this. You’ll only generate 4.00% on the majority of your sales.

One of the things that get overlooked at on the Amazon affiliate program is all the tools that are available to use for the affiliate.
  1. Link Tool: basically available on any Amazon page that has a product including the home page and search pages. This tool allows you to quickly make an affiliate link as just a plain text, an image or combination of both.
  2. Native Shopping Ads: allows you to create a responsive advertisement that is able to blend quite well into your website. This is typically placed at the bottom of a blog post or webpage and should show a range of related products. 
  3. Mobile Popovers: adverts that only displays on mobile. It’s a small pop-up that displays as the user is scrolling. 
  4. CPM / Cost Per Thousand Adverts: these are ads that you get paid for just impressions. You set the target you wish and Amazon will deliver the ads that meet or beat the target.

The reality in this Amazon affiliate program review is that if you were looking for great support then Amazon might turn you off as their staff falls short on this matter. 

It’s especially bad when it comes to something like getting a “ban” appeal. The longer your ban is, the more money you lose.

It’s also important to know that you’re only allowed one account. If your account gets banned and you create another then your second account is most likely going to get banned too.

If possible, try to work out with Amazon on getting that original ban removed. 

If you’ve ever gone with a small affiliate program then you may know the pains of actually getting paid. For Amazon, payments occur approximately 60 days at the end of the month of what you’re getting paid for. Just make sure your payment details are up-to-date before the start of the next month.

This point is probably one of the more annoying things with Amazon’s affiliate program, and that is, if you wanted to promote a product from the Amazon UK store as well as the US store, you will need to sign up for them independently.

You’ll find that these both have their own unique approval process so that can complicate things a little as well.

The reporting tools are very in depth and will provide a good amount of information on how your campaigns are performing.

You can track how many clicks, impressions and more importantly. the conversions you’re getting.

You can also create tracking IDs so if you have multiple websites you can see how they’re performing individually.

Now this can be said about any kind of affiliate program you’re signing up to but it’s very important to understand the do’s and dont’s of the affiliate program.

For example, the following phrase is required to be on your website if you are on any sort of Amazon promotion program: 

“[Insert your name] is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to [insert the applicate site name (]”.

There are also quite a few things that you are not allowed to do while promoting Amazon products. To name a few:

  1. Do not use your  Amazon affiliate links in emails and offline products such as e-Books.
  2. Don’t use your own affiliate links to buy products.
  3. No shortening your links that makes it hard to tell that you’re directing the viewer to Amazon.
  4. Be careful of displaying the price as this changes a lot. If you’re showing incorrect prices then Amazon may ban or suspend you.
  5. Don’t automatically redirect users to Amazon. The user must manually click on the link.

You can find find more of Amazon Associates Program Policies here.

One thing that you’ll absolutely love about Amazon is the fact that you can get commissions on just about any product a customer buys.

For example, you might send them from a link to a cheap gadget but instead they end up buying a TV even though they didn’t take the prior offer.

As you can imagine, this increases your commissions quite a bit.

Amazon Affiliate Program Review – “is Amazon affiliate program worth it?”

Amazon is such a big marketplace. You’ll find that it’s constantly evolving. Items can go out of stock and never be replaced, prices may drop or increase without warning. 

This can be a lot of work trying to maintain links to products that are in stock. One way you can get around this is to link to a search results page rather than directly to the exact product.

Linking to a search page also opens up the customers to alternatives other than just the one that you were going to promote.

And that concludes this Amazon affiliate program review. Hopefully you took away a few important notes and answered the question: “is Amazon affiliate program worth it?”

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